Aug 27, 2014

CInAPCe Project

CInAPCe is an abbreviation for the Portuguese expression Cooperação Interinstitucional de Apoio a Pesquisas sobre o Cérebro (Inter-institutional Cooperation to Support Brain Research).

The central biological question of our proposal is the investigation of basic mechanisms that lead to epilepsy and related seizure disorders. Our goals are to develop new methods and techniques to improve the understanding of mechanisms of damage, plasticity and repair in epilepsy; and to apply these results to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients with epilepsy.

The main motivation to constitute the CInAPCe Project came from the necessity of approaching this relevant and complex biological problem by combining the expertise of research groups with distinct and complementary backgrounds. A considerable progress has been made in epilepsy research in the last decade. However, several important questions related to this condition remain to be clarified.

One of the multiple aspects revealing the characteristic complexity associated with research on epilepsy is the fact that such a condition is not uniquely defined, i.e. it cannot be related to a single disease or a unique syndrome. It is generally accepted that epilepsy refers to a number of pathologies having as common feature recurrent seizures.

Such a multiplicity of factors related to the etiology and symptomatology of epilepsy is itself an important indication for the need of collaborative research in different areas of expertise. That is one of the main motivations for the organization of the present Project. Moreover, this initiative foresees the creation of a new environment for scientific and technological development, new clinical applications, multidisciplinary education and interaction with the business sector.


CInAPCe Project - Artistic representation of cerebral functions: project map the capacity of adaptation and regeneration