Aug 27, 2014

ToRM Project

ToRM Project started at the beginning of the 80's with the objective to overcome the technology of Image Aquisition through Magnetic Ressonance. In this period a lot of techniques and equipment was developed and a specialized team was created.

Nowadays our group has two complete equipments. The 005 ToRM (0,05 Tesla), developped at the beginning of the 90's, is installed in our labs and is used to our main researches lines. The 05 ToRM (0,5 Tesla) was developped at the end of the same decade and it was operational at the Santa Casa of São Carlos, serving all the community of the region.

The technology needed to the development of a project like this covers many areas of knowledgement and shows the sofistication level of this kind of project.

In addition to the construct and development of this equipment, the project formed several professional which act nowadays on many important universities, research centers and companies on Brazil and other countries. The engagement of this professional and students results on a lot of national and international scientific publications, master and PhD thesis. More than the implementation of the equipments, this project makes a team that nowadays has all knowledgement needed for obtaining images through Magnetic Ressonance.


ToRM Project Ilustrative photograph
ToRM Project Ilustrative photograph